About Us

Company Background

XenoHorizon is a simple game-developing studio created to… well, make video games.  Founded only recently in the year of 2014, we’re nothing special yet. The inspiration behind our name isn’t anything special, either.

You know how people call the place where the sky meets the ocean the horizon? Well, you ever think what’s beyond there? I like to think the horizon continues forever (metaphorically, anyway), and there’s something unknown, something foreign, maybe even something strange (see: “xeno-“) out there just waiting to be discovered. Like an adventure’s waiting for us, and we just have to expand our own horizons and set sail for new ones.

Company Purpose

Our priority is to publish video games on Nintendo consoles first and foremost, with releases for other platforms such as Steam, Nintendo’s handhelds, and PlayStation consoles/handhelds also possible in the future, depending on the project.

Current Team

Masroor Q. – Founder, President & CEO – Handles executive decisions, game design, programming, music and graphic direction, story-boarding, trailers, management, marketing, publishing… doesn’t do everything, but has a hand in everything.

Dana A. – Assistant Developer – An assistant developer responsible for level programming in Test Your Mind for the Nintendo Wii U console. Aside from programming, also contributes to game planning, general development, and marketing. Assisted with programming and animation for an unannounced project.

Aoki K. – Music Composer – Our only composer because he’s the only one we need. Completed the soundtrack for Arrow Time U and is working on the soundtrack for an unannounced project.

Hanh Chu – Character Designer & Artist – Unannounced Project

Aji P. 2D Animation & Special Effects – Unannounced Project

Devin K. – 2D Graphics Artist, Logo & UI Design – Unannounced Project

Past Helpers

People who have assisted us with project in the past.

Robert T. – 2D Graphics Artist – Arrow Time U, Test Your Mind

Peter W. – 2D Graphics Artist – Test Your Mind

Ameshin – 2D Graphics Artist – Unannounced Project

Joining the Team

If you’ve got some great programming or design experience and want to join the team*, hit me up via the contact page. However, please don’t e-mail me offering your job services for some third-party contract: we’re looking for dedicated people to join the team, NOT contract work. Thank you for your understanding.

*Experience in HTML5 and Javascript, Construct 2, or Unity required for a programmer position; experience with 2D art of all kinds (including but not limited to concept art, UI, and anime-style art) required for design position. Previous professional job experience isn’t mandatory, but you should be flexible and a quick learner to minimize the amount of management work required. More details to be given upon contact. Please have a portfolio ready and be prepared for a discussion of your abilities and experiences. Thank you.