You know, a dev blog?

You surely know what you can expect from a dev blog, right? Well, ours might be a little bit funkier than the average one, but we’ll be posting updates on how the development of games is going here. When we can, we’ll post screenshots, videos, and other goodies to tease you too.

Got a question about the dev process for us? Drop it! We’ll pick it up. Maybe. If it’s not too heavy. We don’t lift. Much.

Note: Our dev blog can be a very open-ended, informal place where we speak about stuff. Please keep in minds that opinions are that of individuals and that we are not being especially careful about what we say (meaning if we say something wrong, we apologize and hope you don’t hold us to it, even if you will anyway).

Also, our site has been cleaned up such that old posts have been removed as of September 22nd, 2015. In other words, we’re starting fresh… because you gotta start fresh to stay fresh, right?

Creator of XenoHorizon and avid gamer and game-developer.

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