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Test Your Mind European Release

Just a quick post as a heads-up: it should have happened earlier, but we recently started pushing for a European release of Test Your Mind, and it should be up sometime in either December or January 2017, based on how

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Conventions: When Is It Worth It?

Conventions in my mind, are, in a sentence, big get-togethers between people who work in the same industry… and people interested in that industry. They’re opportunities to strut your stuff, check out what other people are showing, see new technologies,

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Why We Like Console Development

Console development is something special. At least, that’s what how I feel. I look at the other platforms: PC/Steam, mobile devices, etc., and I see powerful, entertaining devices that can also play games. When I look at game consoles, I

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You know, a dev blog?

You surely know what you can expect from a dev blog, right? Well, ours might be a little bit funkier than the average one, but we’ll be posting updates on how the development of games is going here. When we

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